Episode 47 – Evolution for the Young Reader

Daniel Loxton


Our guest this week is Daniel Loxton, editor of Junior Skeptic and author/illustrator.  Daniel joins us to talk about Junior Skeptic, shepherding and his new book: Evolution: How we and all Things Came to Be.


Praise From GeekDad (Wired):


Daniel Loxton’s Evolution: How We and All Living Things Came to Be (Kids Can Press, 2010) is the best overview of evolution for children of which I’m aware.  There have been other recent kids’ books on Darwin, motivated by last year’s 150th anniversary of Origin of the Species.  Instead of focusing on Darwin, Loxton sticks with explaining the mechanics of natural selection, both what it can accomplish and explain and what it can’t.  Beautifully illustrated and elegantly written, any child interested in the story of life will be fascinated by it. There’s no need to take my word for it: This review is a couple of weeks later than I’d hoped, because my 6-yr-old kept stealing it and carrying it around the house to study.

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