Plate Tectonics is a Hoax!!!

Lawmakers in Washington and in state governments across the United States have officially labeled earthquake damage as preventable. They have enacted laws that tax citizens for new building strategies. After watching the earthquake disasters unfold in Haiti and Chile, a majority of American citizens are now becoming skeptical of the claim that human actions can prevent the massive amount of damage that mother nature can throw at us. And governments are still not listening to the people.

How did we ever get to a point where bad science drives big government to punish the people for living the American dream that coastlines provide for us?

It all began with a geologist named Harry Hammond Hess. He served with the Navy in World War II. During the war, he became the captain of the USS Cape Johnson. Hess obtained major funding from the Navy to do measurements and research on the ocean around his travel routes to Pacific Ocean landings on the Marianas, Philippines, and Iwo Jima – continuously using his ship’s echo sounder. After the war, he remained in the Naval Reserve, and used his SONAR work to rise to the rank of rear admiral.

He greatly expanded the Office of Naval Research’s areas of interest and published a report titled ‘History of Ocean Basins.’ The thrust of the report lead to more funding for more studies. Funding was where Hess’s goal; he later used his connections to work with Project Mohole – an investigation about the feasibility and techniques of deep sea drilling! That’s where the real money was.

However, the damage was already done. Hess’s work, now called the ‘Theory of Plate Tectonics’ began to gain momentum. Hess was able to convince the government and his fellow scientists, despite the fact that many scientists debated over this theory and several demanded to know what forces drove these so-called ‘plates’

With the genie out of the bottle, Hess had to find alternative sources of funding. And he would find it in earthquakes. Hess’s work began to convince people that earthquakes will occur anywhere within the earth where there is sufficient stored strain along a fault plane. Where was one of the first places we looked? California. Of course, there are earthquakes in places such as Kansas and Oklahoma but California had the population that would scream loudly for reform that would protect them from mother nature’s wrath.

Government listened to the outcry and set new building standards. Scientists and engineers came to the rescue. They convinced the public that there are ways to protect and prepare possible sites of earthquakes from severe damage, through fancy processes like: earthquake engineering, earthquake preparedness, household seismic safety, seismic retrofit, seismic hazard, mitigation of seismic motion, and earthquake prediction. All this made lots of money for geologists, but people still die in earthquakes.

As the science now stands, the plate tectonics alarmist scientists say they can prove where earthquakes are likely to occur but they are still surprised when things snap in places like Haiti or Chile. The only thing they offer in those situations is more emphasis on earthquake engineering. Which really makes sense. See, they’ve sold all their sensors and so-called detectors to countries like the U.S. and now it’s time to branch out. They won’t be happy until we have seismic sensors all over the world. They’re getting closer to this goal each year. Yet I am totally convinced there is no scientific basis for any of this.

Plate Tectonics: It is a scam. It has taken control of public policy. It is terrible science. It is the greatest hoax of all time.