Episode 49 – Science We Can Listen To


Lab Out Loud kicks off its fourth season with an interview from John Linnell of “They Might Be Giants”.  John talks to us about science and music with their recent album (CD & DVD) “Here Comes Science”.

What science do you listen to?  Comment below and share your favorite science songs, podcasts or other science ear candy.

Join us in two weeks (October 4) to hear Kari Byron (from the Mythbusters) discuss her new show “Head Rush”.  Airing after school and Saturdays, Head Rush provides a commercial free hour of MythBusters mashups.


Science Songs & Podcasts:

Science is Real:

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  • C. Fryberger

    I use Chemical Heritage Foundation’s “Distillations” podcast in my chemistry classes to connect chemistry to the real world. The episodes are varied and only last about 10 to 15 minutes. You can search their website at http://www.chemheritage.org/community/distillations/index.aspx for summaries of episodes.

  • Really great interview! I’m so glad I found this site. It’ll take me a while to explore it.

    TMBG are prominently featured in my sciency novel for kids. This CD came out during copyedits and I had to rewrite part of it because my protagonist suddenly had a new favorite CD.

    My family and I often sing “Do you know the first ten elements of the periodic table” by Peter Weatherall (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0L8Qn6cWeE). He has a lot of other fun stuff.

  • Brian

    From Steve:

    I coach the Ocean Sciences Bowl team (Lake Sturgeon Bowl is the regional) at my High School. We listen to Ocean Gazing while setting up or buzzer system at the beginning of our meetings. Check out the bobbing and bowling episode from last February to hear our team as one of the features. I also like to listen to the Encyclopedia of Life’s One species at a Time podcast (also called Podcast of Life). Both podcasts are hosted by Ari Daniel Shapiro who also does some NPR work.

  • Barry Cartwright

    I like the Radio Lab Podcast, http://www.radiolab.org/. It uses science tell very compelling stories. I have also heard interviews with one of the hosts of Radio Lab,
    Robert Krulwich and he would be a great person for you to interview on Radio Lab.

  • Dina Shoumaker

    Hey listened to your podcast with TMBG…love their Science cd!! But my question is about your reference during the show regarding the facebook page…I Love Science References and Songs…does that really exist???

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