Episode 63 – ThinkGeek and Re-purposing Electronics

This week we talk with Shane Peterman, PR Manager at ThinkGeek.com.  In March, ThinkGeek introduced “Take These Broken Things“, a program where they were thinking* about sending boxes of broken stuff to deserving groups (like a school technology lab or a FIRST Robotics team).


We talk with Shane about the program, re-purposing electronics, and about the products available at ThinkGeek.com.

*After the interview was conducted, ThinkGeek announced an update to the program on their blog:

So. You guys are kinda into broken things, apparently. The little form below has logged 1,930 requests to date, so we know the interest is there and we’re giving this program a shot. In fact, we’ve sent out some already but it will take time to work through the list. We’re giving priority to groups–especially those that work with children or for educational, community reasons…


Brian’s Science Teacher Gift Recommendations from ThinkGeek:

Featured Image: Actual dumpster divers at old ThinkGeek offices

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