Lab Out Loud is Changing!

For almost three and a half years, Lab Out Loud has been providing shows that discuss science news and science education by interviewing leading scientists, researchers, science writers and other important figures in the field. However, we have always wrestled with the fact that we were not being true to the title of our show.

Many of our listeners have felt the same. One commenter wrote:

For a show called Lab Out Loud, why don’t we ever hear the sounds of lab?

We admit that our critics are right. While many of our guests work in a laboratory environment, our show has failed to bring you to their lab.

Quite frankly, we were lazy; we have relied on the voices of people instead of the symphony of tools and facilities that are really doing the science.

Well, the charade is over. Today, we are proud to announce that Lab Out Loud is moving to where it belongs – the laboratory. From this point on, Lab Out Loud will no longer do interviews but focus on the sounds of the lab instead.

Fun With Chemistry by jemsweb, on Flickr

Fun With Chemistry by jemsweb, on Flickr

Each episode will showcase a specific field of science. Today we start with the Soundtrack of the Chemistry Lab. Listeners can interact with the show by identifying their favor sounds in the comments. Was that a buret or a pipet? Only the trained ear can tell!

[audio:|titles=Soundtrack of the Chemistry Lab]
Direct download: LOLv2-e1-chem.mp3

If chemistry is not your thing, don’t fret. You’ll be able to find harmony with one of our future episodes. Squishes and Scalpels will be up next for our biology fans followed by Sediment Drifts and Sifts for the geologists.

Got a favorite lab sound stirring in your head? Leave us a request in the comments. We’ll have it ready to play in a few weeks.

With your help we hope to finally turn up the dial on every laboratory so they can be enjoyed as intended – Out Loud!

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