Episode 74 – There’s a Zombie in my Classroom

Dr. Steven Schlozman

This week we talk with Dr. Steven Schlozman, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Lecturer in Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  Schlozman talks to us about his start in teaching, his recent book “The Zombie Autopsies: Secret Notebooks from the Apocalypse” and how to use zombies to teach science.


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The Zombie Autopsies Book Trailer

Zombie Autopsies 101 from Daniel Lagin on Vimeo.

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  • carmen silva

    Your show on Zombies in the classroom was the bomb! Thanks so much for giving me a cool idea on how to introduce a lesson on brain regions. You all rock! The guy with the one liners was great. I need a good laugh while I’m prepping at the end of a long day. Keep up the good work.

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  • Kirsten Tuhus

    This was such a fun episode! As an elementary school teacher, I’m still not sure exactly how I can use zombies in my classroom, but as a lifelong learner, this episode helped me think about zombies in a different way. I love the idea of observing a zombie’s behavior and diagnosing its medical issues. Why is it always hungry? Why is it moving so slowly? Why can’t ti speak? What a great way to teach about the different regions of the brain! I also enjoyed learning about toxoplasmosis and other zombie-like organisms that actually exist in the real world. Thanks!