Episode 84 – The Science of Good Cooking

Guy Crosby

This week we talk with Guy Crosby about “The Science of Good Cooking” – written by Crosby and the editors of America’s Test Kitchen. As science editor for America’s Test Kitchen, Crosby advises the science content in Cook’s Illustrated magazine, Cook’s Country, and the popular PBS television cooking show “America’s Test Kitchen”. Crosby talks to us about the science of good cooking, and how it can be used to teach science (and to cook better food).


Watch Can I Eat That? on PBS. See more from NOVA scienceNOW.

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  • Grant

    A fun podcast! I found myself rewinding bits and pieces to understand the really scientific explanations, but it kept my interest nonetheless. Finding this on the NSTA website, I wish there was a little more talk about how to implement cooking in the classroom, especially at the younger ages. I think the book would be a great resource for the older kids. With a bit of reading and simplifying, I think there would be a lot of information applicable to elementary science. This podcast/book comes at a time when we are becoming more aware of what is in the food we buy. This is a great motivation to cook our own food so that we know what’s and why’s of the food we eat. Thanks for the jump start.