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  • Glen Chung

    Hey fellas. Recently, I tested the Celestron Pentaview microscope for my lab equipment lending organization. Instead of an eyepiece lens, there is a color LCD touchscreen for students to look at. My org has regular optical compound microscopes (National model 134-CLED), but I have found that teachers do not always know if their students are focusing into the target layer in the microscope slide properly. With the view screen on the Celestron Pentaview, the teacher can just walk around the room and easily see from a distance if the students have mistakenly focused in on some scratches on the cover slip, or on the bottom surface of the microscope slide, etc.

    Fellas, the other advantage of this type of integrated digital microscope is that it takes great videos without the need to plug into a separate device. Here’s a video I took of my search for animal life in a drop of aquarium scum:

    I found these microscopes for a good price on B&H Photo Video. They are very close in price to what I paid for the regular microscopes a few years ago, the National 134-CLED’s.