Episode 99 – Rhett Allain: Blogging, Birds and Movies


Rhett Allain

This week we welcome Rhett Allain back to the show.  As an Associate Professor of physics at Southeastern Louisiana University, Rhett is an avid blogger for Wired Science at  Dot Physics. Rhett talks to us about his new book, analyzing physics in movies, and the ideas in his blog.


Featured image courtesy of Rhett Allain: “sketch of a jaeger punching a monster”

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  • Meg Tredinnick

    I was listening to the Podcast and you asked about special days towards the end. I teach Physics and last year put together a Newton Day – I had to do something to compete with our Chem teacher who did all kinds of fun things on Mole Day. I just had the students do fun activities related to Newton’s Laws and we ate Fig Newton cookies. Any other ideas you could think of for this year?

  • Dale

    Of course! How could I forget about Newton Day! I used to have the students color Newtons that we would post around the classroom. Here is the template we used. http://access.aasd.k12.wi.us/wp/baslerdale/2010/12/10/color-me-newton-2/

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