Episode 113: Teaching Pseudoscience in the Classroom

Scott Liliendfeld

Scott Lilienfeld

For the final episode of season seven, we invite Rodney Schmalz and Steven Lilienfeld to the show to talk about pseudoscience.  Schmalz and Lilienfeld recently published an article discussing the use of pseudoscience in the science classroom to help give students the tools needed to differentiate between scientific and pseudoscientific or paranormal claims. According to the authors, “by incorporating examples of pseudoscience into lectures, instructors can provide students with the tools needed to understand the difference between scientific and pseudoscientific or paranormal claims.” Listen to the episode to learn how you might use pseudoscience appropriately in your science instruction.

Rodney Schmalz

Rodney Schmalz

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    I find it interesting that two social scientists are somehow the new authority on pseudoscience.