Easy, Mobile Measurement with @ThePocketLab

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Clifton Roozeboom

To close our eighth season at Lab Out Loud, we welcome Clifton Roozeboom to the show.  We first met Clifton at the NSTA 2015 Conference in Chicago, where we noticed his company – The PocketLab.  Built to be a small, rugged wireless sensor platform, the PocketLab can measure acceleration, force, angular velocity, magnetic field, pressure, altitude, and temperature while simultaneously reporting to a device for data visualization and analysis.  Clifton joins us to talk about sensors, the PocketLab and app, and how your students can use it to build science experiments for exploring their world.

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The PocketLab Introduction


  • Meg Tredinnick

    Thank you for bringing this topic to the show. I was unable to attend NSTA this year, so I had no idea this product existing. I am pre ordering a unit ASAP and have already started to think about how I can use it in my Physics labs as a form of authentic evidence. (Can’t wait to strap it to my air pressure rockets!)

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