Creating Next Generation Scientists with ExploraVision

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Arthur Eisenkraft and Acacia McKenna

Arthur Eisenkraft and Acacia McKenna

Do your students have a vision for the future? Then they might be motivated to enter the 23rd Annual Toshiba/NSTA annual ExploraVision competition. Through problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills, this K-12 science competition encourages students to imagine and explore a vision of a technology 20 years into the future.  To help explain what ExploraVision is and how to participate, we welcome Arthur Eisenkraft (Professor of Science Education at the University of Massachusetts Boston and ExploraVision judge) and Acacia McKenna (Director of Science Education Competitions at the National Science Teachers Association) to the show. Listen now to find out how you can help communicate this opportunity and inspire your students to participate in ExploraVision today!

Projects are due on February 1st, 2016.

Not sure where to begin? Listen to Acacia McKenna address FAQ’s about entering and submitting projects in the competition.

Key Dates:

  • February 1 – Projects Due
  • March 1 – Regional Winners Announced
  • April 26 – National Winners Announced
  • June 8–11 – ExploraVision Awards Weekend


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What is ExploraVision?

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