Wireless Sensors: Where Are We Now?

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Mike Blasberg

This week’s episode is a Mini-lab.  Mini-lab episodes are shorter versions of the same shows you find at laboutloud.com.

As a former biology teacher and now product manager at PASCO Scientific, Mike Blasberg has witnessed a transformation in how students collect data in the science classroom. Mike joins us to talk about the evolution of sensors, how we can use a smartphone to collect and analyze data, and discusses the capabilities and features of the new wireless sensors available from PASCO scientific.


  • pasco.com/wireless – all the new wireless sensors including the SMART cart, Force/Acceleration, Temperature, pH and more soon!
  • pasco.com/sparkvue – download SPARKvue for pc/mac and FREE app downloads for chrome, iOS, and Android devices
  • pasco.com/sparklabs – access to the complete SPARKlab library, now more than 85 lab activities for free

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