Pokémon GO: Has Your Science Classroom Evolved with the Phenomenon?

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Luke Holbrook

As students are returning to school, they might be hunting for Pokémon with the wildly popular PokémonGo app. Part of the game allows students students to evolve their Pokémon into other pocket monsters. But is this an accurate portrayal of biological evolution? Can science educators actually use PokémonGo to teach evolution or other scientific concepts? To help answer some of these questions, we are happy to welcome Dr. Luke Holbrook to the show.  Luke belongs to the department of Biological Sciences at Rowan University, and has thought a lot about using Pokémon to help teach concepts of evolution (he even designed a Pokémon activity many years ago – on paper!) Listen to the show to hear more about PokémonGo and evolution, and if you could use it to teach science in your classroom.

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