On the Lookout: Desktop Fabrication

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In this installment of On the Lookout, we explore another device in the world of desktop fabrication.  Recently, we were able to test out Carvey – a tabletop 3D carving machine from Inventables. Right out of the box, we discovered Carvey to be a remarkably easy to use tool appropriate for younger learners. Solidly built, Carvey’s small footprint can easily sit on a tabletop, and features an enclosed frame that keeps the workspace relatively clean and safe. Of course, Carvey’s reach extends well beyond the science classroom, and will function as a savvy tool that any STEAM program or Makerspace could rely upon for hands-on student learning. Listen to (and watch our unbox video) to see how this new digital manufacturing tool can allow students to transform their digital creations into physical, everyday objects.

On the Lookout episodes showcase newer technologies that have recently caught our eye, and we are exploring how they might be used in the classroom.


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