Underwater Robot Takes STEM to New Heights

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Fredi Lavjardi

Fredi Lavjardi teaches marine science at Carl Hayden High School in Phoenix, where he is also coach of Falcon Robotics – an extracurricular high school STEM program that won the 2004 MATE National Underwater ROV championships with their robot “Stinky”, besting juggernaut teams such as MIT.  This inspiring story was originally covered by Wired Magazine, expanded by the same author into a book, and graced the silver screen in 2015 as the movie Spare Parts.  Along with other engaging stories, the success of Falcon Robotics is now being featured in the IMAX documentary Dream Big: Engineering Our World.  Using human stories to expose the hidden world behind exciting inventions and structures across the world, Dream Big aims to at bring engineering into the forefront of our culture while inspiring kids of all backgrounds to become the innovators, educators and leaders of the 21st century and beyond.  Fredi joins us to tell us more about Falcon Robotics, how STEM education is addressed in his classroom and robotics program, and how schools might better address STEM education for student learning. Listen to the show to be inspired and find out where you can experience the Dream Big: Engineering Our World.


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