Tales of Lost Labs: What Happened to Ramp and Roll?

This week’s episode is a Mini-lab.  Mini-lab episodes are shorter versions of the same shows you find at laboutloud.com.

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Have you ever relied upon a lab or resource so much that you don’t know what you would do without it?  This mini-lab episode discusses such a tool that was lost and then found again – Mihara Naoki’s Ramp and Roll. Originally developed to assist introductory physics students understand the simple motion of ball rolling on a ramp, Ramp and Roll’s unique user-friendly interface calculates and graphs the position, velocity and acceleration of the ball all in real time while the ball is rolling. Listen to this mini-lab episode to hear more about Ramp and Roll as Dale takes a trip down memory lane to share how it was lost, found and eventually came to be hosted at Lab Out Loud.

Link: Ramp and Roll

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