It’s Mole Day! How do you Celebrate?

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It’s Mole Day! Celebrated on October 23, Mole Day recognizes Avogadro’s number (6.02 x 10^23), which is a basic unit of measurement in chemistry. We discuss mole day, reminisce on how we have celebrated it, and celebrate the founder of the National Mole Day Foundation: Maurice Oehler (a Wisconsin Science Teacher).  How do you celebrate Mole Day?  Leave a comment, tweet us a picture @laboutloud or leave a message on our Facebook page.


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One comment

  • Meg Tredinnick

    I too am a Physics teacher who was jealous of the fun the Chem class was having on Mole Day. So I have started a Newton’s Day in December (for his birthday on Christmas). We do a variety of different activities related to the NL laws (Car Crash with a ping pong ball in the toy car and it pops out when crashed into a book, Balloon Rockets, Screaming Balloons, Egg Drop into water, Newton’s Cradles and Fan Carts). We will watch a few fun videos and eat apples and Fig Newtons. I have even made Newton Day pins on Zazzle for the students to take home. This day is always a highlight for the students.