Using Pop Culture to Teach Science

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Matt Brady

Our guest this week is Matt Brady.  Along with his wife Shari, these two high school science teachers have been working to bring pop culture into the classroom to increase student engagement and understanding of science.  Their website The Science Of helps broadcast these ideas and strategies with the goal of providing a place for popular culture to act as a springboard to science education, discussion and information.  Matt joins us to talk about teaching science with pop culture, discuss how this approach can help connect teachers to their students, and share with us his favorite pop culture references used in his science classroom.

We also talk about the #MarchforScience that happened on Earth Day (April 22)2017.

Also – listen to David Evans, Executive Director for NSTA on Science Friday (last 17 minutes): Can Science Survive In A More Politicized Age?

Can Science Survive In A More Politicized Age?


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